Miami Realtors RE Bar Camp

On August 3rd, 2023, the Miami Realtors Association and the Young Professionals Network (YPN) hosted a day long ‘RE Bar Camp’ at the FIU School of Business campus. Realtors from all across South Florida were in attendance to teach, share ideas and grow together. The name RE (meaning ‘real estate’) and Bar (meaning ‘beyond all recognition’) set the tone for participants to leave from the experience transformed and ready to implement the new ideas learned into their business.

Agents had the opportunity to post their topics of interest on the wall and then join whichever classroom in which they were keen to discuss the subject. Agents share thoughts on what’s working in today’s market, how to get listings, marketing techniques, artificial intelligence, social media and more. Topics were thirty minutes each and split between four classrooms. Attendees were able to participate in whatever sessions they felt were relevant to their business. All in all, participants were able to attend 8 different sessions throughout the day. This peer to peer learning allows agents to teach as well as learn simultaneously. Kleros Realty broker and owner Nicole Desiderio attended the workshop and shared experiences that were crucial to her growth as a real estate broker. Miami Realtors CEO Teresa King Kinney and FIU College of Business dean William Hardin were also in attendance.


From left to right: realtor Alicia Barthelemy, attorney Melinda Grimaldi, broker Nicole Desiderio, realtor Bowie Chu
Kleros Realty Broker/Owner Nicole Desiderio

Notable event sponsors: real estate attorney and owner of The Closers Title Insurance Agency Melinda Grimaldi, CPA Don Fallenbaum, TruView Inspections and Instacard owner Alex Montalenti.